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The team at your local Jeep dealership wants our customers to be aware of how simple and helpful it is to take advantage of the Jeep Wave program. This program comes with an array of benefits such as 24/7 immediate care and a number of great perks. If you purchase an eligible Jeep or a Jeep from 2015 and beyond, then you can use this program. Your local Jeep dealership is ready to show you how this program works and all of the fantastic features that are available. Our customers are sure to be impressed by the service, professionalism, efficiency, and high-quality automotive care associated with using the Jeep Wave program,

How Jeep Wave Works

Those who buy an eligible Jeep will be automatically enrolled in the Jeep Wave program as part of a 24-month trial period. If you have a Jeep that is a model year 2015 or newer, you can also enroll your vehicle into this program. Once you become part of this program, you’ll be able to use the following benefits:

Jeep Vehicle Owners Support – Drivers will have exclusive access to 24/7 Jeep owner support so they can find the answer they need concerning their Jeep model. Call the well-versed and fully dedicated Jeep Wave member support line at 844-533-7928 to get the help you need, or use the online chat feature for convenient and fast answers. You can also contact the Jeep service or sales team at your local Jeep dealership with any questions you may have.

Jeep dealership

Jeep Service and Maintenance – If you are a member of the Jeep Wave program, you will receive two free oil changes and tires rotations each year that you are a member. The factory-trained Jeep service team at your local Jeep dealership will be happy to handle those services or any other services that your vehicle requires to remain operating at peak performance.

VIP Treatment – Those who take part in this program will also get preferred treatment at all Jeep events. Members will have access to exclusive contests and events.

Premium Discounts – Jeep Wave members will be able to take advantage of discounts and curated offers on merchandise via the Jeep savings network. These savings can be applied to 150 premium retailers. Drivers will also be able to use the $500 in savings that is added to their accounts when a vehicle is purchased on eligible products up to 40% off.

Same-Day No-Charge Rental – If you are getting your Jeep serviced at Adams Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, this program will let you use a no-charge rental for the day so that you can continue your normal activities.

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Trip Interruption Coverage – If you experience any interruptions on your trip, this program will cover up to a total of $1,000 per interruption to cover meals, emergency transportation, or lodging. This program will give you complete peace of mind wherever you travel in your Jeep.

Your local Jeep dealership is ready to explain the Jeep Wave program and how the countless benefits of this program will change the way that you drive. Come pay us a visit today and see how this program can take your Jeep experience to new heights.Jeep dealership